About Us


Issa Famous is a hip-hop and rap artist, currently based out of Louisville, Kentucky, in the United States. Born in Kenya, East Africa, Issa grew up within Louisville, KY where he got his start in music at a young age. Through an interest in hip-hop music, he was inspired to begin making music in high school, and has since continued to follow that passion.

Self-taught, he has been dedicated to furthering his craft. He has learned how to mix over time through trial and error and has honed his ear, gaining the ability to create high quality sound, and always working to further his own production level. His music is all self-produced, from the instrumentals, to the mixes. While working mainly within the genres of hip-hop and rap, he doesn’t confine himself to any single genre, and allows room for experimentation. Because of this flexibility, he is able to incorporate melodic music as well as some RnB and pop sounds into his work, to create fresh and exciting tracks.

Music for Issa Famous is a passion. While working, time passes quickly, purely because of the focus he puts into mixing, and it will always be something that he truly enjoys. Inspiration for him can come at any time and any place, and he is always working to put his ideas to use. Through his work, he hopes for others to find meaning and to be able to relate as he explains both his struggles and his drive, and he feels that his listeners will be able to vibe with his creations, and keep coming back for more.